About Sterling Septic Services Inc

Septic System Design and Permitting Company

Sterling Septic Services Inc in Montgomery, TX is a family-operated septic system design and permitting business founded in 1998 by John Wesley Hubert, R.S. A graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, Mr. Hubert believed and continues to believe that hard work and dedication to the principles that founded our country were the recipe for success. He has followed his dream to become a business owner by providing services to home builders and homeowners. Mr. Hubert’s ethics and commitment to providing superior-quality septic system design and permitting services at reasonable prices have made our company one of the best-known and most respected septic design and permitting companies in Montgomery, Harris, Grimes, Walker, and Waller counties in Texas.

Whether you are seeking commercial or residential septic system design services, Sterling Septic Services Inc can help. We can walk you through the complex documentation process required by various Texas counties.